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Carla Ferrer: Fan-Tabulous Living!


Carla Ferrer is a pioneering Life Coach in the field of transformation & consciousness for healthy lifestyle living. For over eighteen years, her work has focused on sharing both her personal and professional experience addressing the whole being, mind, body and spirit; empowering profound personal and professional break-throughs for individuals and organizations throughout the United States and United Kingdom (EU).

As a professional life coach, transformational seminar leader, author, and keynote speaker, Carla marries her depth of wisdom and insight, with passion, humor and sensitivity to empower individuals in awakening to the brilliance of who they are; Bridging The Gap Between Impossible And Attainable!

You’ve found your way here, so you must be searching, as all humans eventually do, to find the path that leads back home; home to yourself ~ a healthier version of the current you, home to knowing and loving who you are, home to discovering and fulfilling your destiny.

This site is intended to be a peaceful and introspective wisdom well; a place to sit and drink of wisdom that hopefully, leads you to your own truths. It will be evolving over time, just as the authentic self’s (the real you, the you which you desire to be and are in your heart) process unfolds over a life­time. This process calls forth great patience. It has its own agenda, its own timetable, which often doesn’t coincide with what we think our life is about at the level of the personality ~ but will come with consistently taking one step at a time towards your goal ~ knowing that quitting is NOT an option! Here, you’ll find offerings from the well of both my professional and personal experiences; my personal blog and newsletter, tele-seminars, group and individual coaching services. 

Fact is, everyone has the ability to construct their life the way they want it. A successful person knows how to integrate and utilize all three aspects of the mind to live a successful and happy life. Although life is full of challenges—big or small, pleasurable or stressful—they all have solutions! As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I offer creative, yet simple, ways to help you progress toward a healthier lifestyle in every area of your life, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and professionally. My passion, commitment, and heart felt intention for you, just like for the many thousands I have worked with over the years, is that you Live Your Best Life in every way imaginable without further delay; living your life by design, rather than from crisis to crisis!

For those whom may be struggling with excess weight or obesity, my transformational Fat To Fan-Tabulous Weight Loss Coaching System realistically and sustainably places laser focus on helping you reach and maintain a healthy weight for your skeletal frame and shape. Having once been morbidly obese myself, tipping the scales at 330 pounds, over 18 years ago, I know how challenging it is to change habits; and I know we eat for many reasons aside from being hungry. I understand first hand all too well!

As such, we will give time and attention to each of those reasons and more. Through goal-setting, coaching, and education, I work to help you change your habits, step-by-step, so that not only will you lose your unwanted fat, but so that starting today, tomorrow, as well as far off into the future, you will look and feel your best; Living Your Best Life! The same principles and practices I applied over 18 years ago to lose 135 pounds in just 9 months, as well as everything I’ve done and do, that have had me maintain and sustain my dramatic results -- I will share with you -- as we customize and tailor the process to suit your needs and lifestyle specifically; all the while coaching and cheering you to success every step of the way!

So whether it's direction and purpose you seek to discover for yourself through my transformational life coaching program, or getting physically fit losing unwanted weight for good utilizing my proven weight loss plan, or maybe a combination of both systems; together we will design a personalized program that leads you to success and freedom ~ once and for all.

For those whom simply wish to share their story, experience(s), interacting with me and others on this same path for greater good and enlightenment, I welcome you! I'm delighted to have you join in on my blog.

My blog will be updated frequently so stop by regularly. I genuinely want to hear from you, so consider this a place for you to express yourself and share your own wisdom. Become a subscriber so you won’t miss any updates and announcements.

Come in then, from this hurried world, and sit awhile with me. We’ll sip slowly together and discover the textures of wisdom, all the way down to the core. We’re just beginning this journey together.

It’s my honor to meet you here. I’ve been waiting for you.

Much love and light,